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Man Wins Contest With 1,524-Lb. Pumpkin
Man Wins Contest In California With Record-Setting 1,524-Pound Pumpkin; He Gets $6 Per Pound

(AP) An Oregon man won the annual pumpkin weigh-off here, presenting a gigantic gourd that came it at 1,524 pounds. Thad Starr, of Pleasant Hill, Ore., set a contest record with the pumpkin. He'll get $6 a pound, bringing his winnings to $9,144.

"It's the thrill of the victory," Starr said after his pumpkin came out on top. "And it's the fruition of a year's work."

About 80 contestants competed for the first-place prize, according to festival officials.

Pumpkins were lowered by forklift onto a 5-ton capacity digital scale monitored by officials from the San Mateo County Agricultural Commissioner's Office.

The top five pumpkins at the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival will remain on display throughout the week.

The 2006 winner weighed in at 1,223 pounds, officials said.


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