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Child Takes the Bus and I do mean Takes the Bus

My boss took his too, many years back. His driver yelled at hi for doing something silly and his driver left the bus with a load of kids to yell at Homer's Dad. Homer turned the bus around and went to what was the previous stop had it been going the correct direction, just a small distance away.

Police: Child Takes Bus, Leads Chase
Police: 10-Year-Old Arkansas Boy Steals School Bus, Leads Officers On Chase Along Highway

(AP) A 10-year-old boy took a school bus and led police on a chase along a rural highway, according to police.

School officials had spotted lights coming from the bus yard around 11 p.m. Friday night, and reported the bus stolen. Officers from three counties, four towns and Arkansas State Police began chasing the bus and its driver.

Despite road spikes set up to slow the bus, the bus kept traveling north toward Little Rock along U.S. 65 through Desha and Lincoln counties, then into the next county of Jefferson.

"Be advised, he missed them all. We're now coming into town. Speed's at 25 miles an hour," officers said over a radio scanner.

About 44 miles later, the bus slowed down enough for a sheriff's deputy to make the stop in Pine Bluff, and officers discovered their suspect was a child.

They cuffed the boy and took him into custody, then later released him to his parents. It wasn't known whether the child would face charges.

School officials said he had been part of a group caught on camera trying to pull the same prank last month, according to KATV television station in Little Rock.


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