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Fully decoratedfor Halloween here


When I got the kitties I realized right after they came in the door I had dust bunnies in places I don't think I have cleaned since I have moved in here... Wow it amazed me how many nooks and crannies I miss when I think I am cleaning.

Well today I began the tackle ~ underneath my microwave cart was embarrassing. And the microwave itself emoticon . I almost tossed it in the garbage apparently someone heated Italian and "forgot" to cover. My kids always seem to have a horrible memory when it comes to things like that. Now they can remember every cheat code for every game they have played for every game system on the market they own. They can remember every word to every song they listen to ~ I would think hundreds if not thousands of songs. Yet when it comes to covering food in the micro ~ they can't grasp that.

Would love to get walls and floors done while we still have a day or two left to open up the house and let it air out & dry thoroughly.

I don't understand how we accumulate so much stuff. Not bragging here ~ I don't mean stuff of any value ~ just stuff. I must have had 4 phone books. I don't even use our home phone and haven't used a phone book since I lived at home with my Mother, but I had 4 of them. A couple were at least 3 inches thick. I didn't even look at the dates but would have to think a few were old.

Candles ~ I have swore off buying any more. They are taking over every surface of the house. I actually called Mom this morning and said ~ please do not buy me any more. I don't care if she finds the most gorgeous candle and stand ~ I don't want it.

I seem to acquire a lot of light bulbs too. I don't think I'll have to purchase light bulbs until Olivia has began her freshman year in college (just like salsa and mustard, lol).

My kitchen is now sparkling. Minus the floor, but that's always done Saturday or Sunday night after the baby goes to bed.

Now if I can just keep the momentum going.


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Woo Hoo! You're rockin'! Good for you. It's something I need to do too. I usually do a little at a time though, a drawer here, a closet there, a floor whenever... I have long since quit the all day cleaning affair. You're young though so go for it! Oh, and I think it's funny about the dust bunnies. When I first got my kitten (long time ago since she died earlier this year at age 14) she went under the bed, and when she came out she looked like a dust bunny! So funny! The kittens will find them all! I love kittens (except when they think your leg is a tree trunk! hahaha)
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